Shango Books is a series of therapeutic stories for children based around the central character of Shango Tidbog. The books use direct suggestion and simple and safe hypnosis to help the listener overcome issues with sleeping, anxiety, confidence/shyness, phobias/fears and anger.


In addition, each book has a common thread to improve positivity and wellbeing within the child. Therefore, not only do the books aim to alleviate or nullify the child’s specific issue but in addition, leave them with a happier and more positive disposition.


The emphasis is on the books being a tool for the parent to help their children to overcome childhood issues that concern the child or parent, rather than entertaining stories, which is secondary.


For more information on each book, please click here.


Ideal age: 4 -11 years, however depending on level of vocabulary, the books can be effective on children as young as 3 years of age.


[Kindle and Audio also available]






"The Kids have just been ‘Shango’d’ again tonight on their insistence! They haven’t stopped talking about it all day. It’s truly magical" WH (Parent) 

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