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Shango Books is an independent series of books which are a useful tool for parents to help children with common behavioural   problems such as with sleeping, anxiety, fears, confidence and anger issues. The stories are written, illustrated and *narrated by Simon Menzies, a trained Hypnotherapist and accomplished international artist with works in the collections of HM The Queen, The late George Harrison, amongst many others. 


Simon was inspired to write the Shango series of books after seeing younger patients accompanied by their parents, for conditions relating to anxiety and fears. Research showed that there were not many hypnotherapeutic tools for parents to help their children in the comfort of their own homes and none which provided a consistent character covering a wide spectrum of issues.


*With actor Bill Homewood

Author and illustrator


Simon Menzies




Simon has had a life long interest in psychology and became qualified Hypnotherapy in 2013 while living in the USA. Simon is also a successful international artist and former British Army Officer, educated at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. Simon has worked all over the World with clients in the USA, Australia, Europe and in the UK. 


  Simon's artwork can be found at



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