How The Books Work

Shango Books are based around the central character of Shango Tidbog. Shango and his friends aim to help children overcome common issues such as with getting to sleep, anxiety, confidence/shyness, phobias, anger and sadness. 


The books are unique in that they use simple and safe hypnosis to instil in the listener a new paradigm, subliminally changing their way of thinking. In simple terms, the books put the basic skills of a hypnotherapist in the hands of parents, what's called a hypnotic script, enabling them to help children in the safe and comforting environment of their own home. 

ALL the books have a common thread to improve positivity and happiness within the child. Therefore, not only will the books alleviate or nullify the child’s specific issue but in addition, aim to leave them achieve a happier and more positive disposition.

The books use repetition, cognitive bypassing and direct suggestion to instil in the listener a positive message. They implement simple and safe hypnotherapeutic scripts. They are not intended as a replacement for medical treatment but more as an addition to it where applicable.

The books adopt a threefold approach; first, similar to traditional children’s books they endeavour to endear the child to the characters and story, creating what is called the 'rapport'. Secondly, using direct suggestion and repetition, the books aim to help the child with the condition dealt with in the story, for example; anxiety. Lastly, there are pages provided to encourage the child to draw and to interact with the story after the first reading, the following day or after a nap. These pages serve to include the child more with the ‘process’ and to help the child to ‘open up’ giving the parent an insight into the child’s thoughts and feelings…..or just to have fun with Shango.



Titles in the series and their specific attributes

Shango and The Amazing Magical Sleeping Spell

Deals specifically with sleeping issues. If a child has difficulty getting to sleep or has a disruptive sleeping pattern this could be just a passing phase, however if the problem persists there might be more significant underlying issues such as depression, anxiety, inactivity or dietary. In the case of anxiety and depression, please also see the other books in the Shango series. If the problem persists after using these tools, then profession or medical advice should be obtained.


Shango and The Amazing Magical No Worries Spell

Deals specifically with anxiety and worry. The book aims to deal with the increasing problem of anxiety within children and either alleviate or avoid the resulting health problems. Anxiety and worry is a common problem and can take many different forms. Anxiety can have an adverse effect on a child's physical health, not to mention mental wellbeing. The physical effects can include General Anxiety Disorder (GAD, stomach pains, inorganic hearing loss, sleeplessness, bed wedding, panic attacks, separation anxiety, repetitive behaviour, anger, shyness and disrupted eating habits. Anxiety can be a normal passing phase and part of growing up, however if symptoms persist, is excessive or concerning, then a health professional's opinion should also be obtained. 


Shango and the Amazing Magical Bravery Spell

Deals with fears and phobias. Most children suffer at one time or another from irrational fears, which for the most part are passing phases and is known as 'age appropriate fears'. These they will grow out of and are a normal product of a child's imagination, development and learning process. In some case though these fears persist and can become debilitating and as they grow older develop into phobias, seriously affecting their lives and behaviour. 


Shango and The Amazing Magical Calming Spell

Deals specially with anger issues: Temper tantrums, sudden rages, fits, huffs, moods and the like, can be due to many contributing factors and are often just a passing phase in the rich tapestry of growing up, however if a child suffers from a prolonged period of unpredictable, frequent and excessive outbursts then these episodes can be exhausting for the parent, not to mention innocent bystanders! Some contributing factors might be lack of sleep, anxiety, dietary imbalance, inactivity or depression. If the child is willing to cooperate, then positive suggestion contained within this book can be of significant help in changing the child's mindset, however the other contributing factors of diet, sleep deprivation and activities also need to be addresses for a more holistic solution.


Shango and the Amazing Magical Confidence Spell

Deals with excessive shyness and lack of confidence. The latter can take many forms in a child, it may show as chronic shyness (Social Anxiety Disorder), lack of self worth, lack of self esteem, inappropriate silences (selective mutism, lacking in confidence in specific activities, such as sport, exams and the like. This book is intended increase the child’s general confidence, giving them a more positive attitude and more balanced view on the challenges and situation they face. 



Note: The listener must be able to understand the vocabulary used in the books. Ideal age: 4 -11 years, but depending on level of vocabulary, the books can be effective on children as young as 3 years of age.

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