"I have twin 7 year old boys. Both struggle with sleep for different reasons... nothing completely unusual. A refusal to go to sleep and secret reading until all hours or trips to and from their beds to ours resulting in less sleep for Mum and Dad. On the surface I thought this book might be too 'young' for them... they are both avid readers. When they heard what the book was about and for, however, they both invested in it completely. Now it's an every-night read and it works a treat! Both boys are usually asleep before the end or fall asleep seconds after I leave the room and they sleep soundly through the night. Do not be fooled by this books apparent simplicity. It is just like a magic spell. On the request of the boys, we have ordered the other books for bravery, calming and anxiety."



“Last night at bedtime the children asked for the Shango story again -

they really love it. The younger children fell asleep quite abruptly

on the descent of the steps, the others were entranced. “


The Kids have just been ‘Shango’d’ again tonight on their insistence! They haven’t stopped talking about it all day. It’s truly magical.  


“The interactive element is utterly brilliant. The kids all wanted to draw their own ideas. Really clever.”


He really loved the book and asked for it again the following night!

It really puts him to sleep!  Last night he said,  “I’m awake but can’t open my eyes!”. 

Then fell asleep right on command.   


I have been reading the one that help kids fall asleep and it's wonderful! We are definitely ordering the other ones. He has told all his friends ;-)



Professional Review

The Author has skillfully managed to create a wonderfully vivid and welcoming fantasy world for children that feeds imagination but also provides a practical and knowledgeable guide to help children.


Helen Logan 
MA BACP Accredited Psychotherapist

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